Our seasoned management team of Financial Engineers will help you get the funding you need, when you need it.

Our process is fast, simple, with no application fees or hidden costs. You can be approved within 1 day and have the money you need within 3 days or less.

We Offer Merchant Cash Advance & Automated Clearing House Funding for every type of business, regardless of Credit Score.

Approved Within 24 Hours

Professional & Personal

Multiple Financing Options

Need money for your business?
Whether it’s for renovations, making payroll, or day to day operations, we’re here to help! It’s understood that funding by banks can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you’re a small to mid-size business that needs money fast - Faster than any bank could approve. This is where Barclay Funding, Inc. comes in. We offer Merchant Cash Advances and ACH Processing (Automated Clearing House) that can get you the money you need quick, easy, and with minimal paperwork to deal with.

How does this whole thing work?
It’s quite simple – Barclay Funding, Inc. advances you money against the anticipated future income of your business. This means that the cash advance is paid back as you make money. With a merchant cash advance, a percentage of the business credit card transactions goes towards the repayment of the cash advance. So the amount paid back per day depends on the income you had. This is the type of convenience that people love, and we’re proud to provide that service.

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